Weekend games, Sunday

Sunday began with a game of Mamma Mia! with the kids. They’ve become fans quickly, I guess I’ll just have to keep on taking the game with me from now on. I’d also throw a guess that it’s going to appear on the next Adam Spielt order, too…

Land Unter, here are the kids. Kids, this is Land Unter. They like 6 Nimmt!, so why not Land Unter. And they did like it… However, it might have been a bit too difficult for them. At least the scores were 10 and 9 for Ismo and me, 4 and 3 for Severi and Oskari. Well, maybe that just shows the game needs some skill and they’ll learn it with more playings.

Oskari had wanted to play The Colour Game (Coloretto, of course) all weekend and well, that kind of determination needs to be rewarded. We played three three-player games with Ismo and Oskari and each of us won one game. I had the best average (51-47-45) with three good games. Ismo and Oskari both were once just a little bit better. Anyway, it’s still a great game that is fast and easy — a perfect filler, if you ask me.

Could we squeeze in one more play of Puerto Rico? Oh yes! This time we had three players: me, Ismo and Oskari. Oskari managed to win the game and I don’t think we advised him much. He was about to make a big mistake on the last round, though. Still, good work for him. Can’t remember my strategy, but I had loads of buildings and ten bonus points kind of points at Guild Hall. Oskari just had more buildings — he had lots and lots of money during the game.

I needed some action and I hadn’t played Villa Paletti this year — the choice was obvious. My mother and the boys joined and we started building the tower. We got two levels up before Oskari made the tower fall. To get a richer tower-building experience, I then played few games of Timpuri with the boys. Timpuri is Jenga with color-coded bricks. You roll a die to determine the colour of the brick you’ll have to take. Entertaining. I managed to collapse the tower on my first pick, but then played two games with better success. Anyway, it was a good game to play — it definitely underlined the superiority of Villa Paletti. There’s no doubt which one is a better and more interesting game.

Final game of the weekend was a quick three-player Carcassonne with my mother and Ismo. Most interesting part of the game was the rules: we used their house rules where fields give only one point per city. They don’t like the farmer race and thus changed the rules. A good change, but I wouldn’t use it myself.

So, it was a good weekend with lots of games and quality family time!

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