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  • Domaine

    There’s a new Finnish review of Domaine posted on my website. Domaine is a reworking of Teuber’s earlier Löwenherz (and published under that name in Germany). I’ve tried both and I think Domaine is an excellent work and much better game than it’s predecessor. The game’s about medieval lords, fighting over the lands while the […]

  • Board game club: Sunda to Sahul, Löwenherz, Union Pacific

    We had another pleasant meeting of the Board game club last Sunday. A typical crowd of about 15-20 people visited during the several hours of gaming. At the best we had three games played simultaneously. As expected, I played Sunda to Sahul — five games, actually. Four of those games were played in a row […]

  • Games I’d like to buy

    There are three big games I’d really, really like to get right now: Amun-Re, the new Knizia game. Akke Monasso’s first impressions -article sounds very good. Seems promising! Age of Steam is long and complicated, but still it tempts me. Heavy decision-making with severely limited resources is always a good combination. Löwenherz / Domaine — […]

  • Board game club meeting

    Board game club had a meeting Yesterday. There were plans to play Die Macher, since it was the election day and all that, but it was cancelled because I couldn’t find the rule book… Well, I suppose most people had a good afternoon and evening of enjoyment nevertheless. I got to play just about every […]