Games I’d like to buy

There are three big games I’d really, really like to get right now:

Amun-Re, the new Knizia game. Akke Monasso’s first impressions -article sounds very good. Seems promising!

Age of Steam is long and complicated, but still it tempts me. Heavy decision-making with severely limited resources is always a good combination.

Löwenherz / Domaine — I’ve played Löwenherz, but Domaine seems to be more easily available. Also, some trimming might be a good idea, but in the other hand I liked the bidding competitions in L. Domaine looks better.

The first two are definite musts, and I enjoyed Löwenherz thoroughly… Now I’m just waiting for the decision to come: will I get a job for the summer. If I don’t, I can say goodbye for these plans, but if I get it, I’m looking for a game order from Germany in the June, I suppose.

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