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  • Slices of the colour pie

    Slices of the colour pie

    I was wondering: which are my favourite colours and colour combinations in Magic: The Gathering? Mono-colour decks My favourite mono-colour deck is crystal clear: green. The basic archetype of creature-based aggression works for me, and this is one of my most successful archetypes. It’s fun to play. Mono blue is my least favourite single-colour deck. […]

  • Gaming Year 2021

    Covid-19. The pandemic got better, and I got the vaccine shots. I returned to the board game cafe meetings in June. Things have become much better. The number of games I played dropped significantly from 2020: from 753 to 481. In hours, I went from 339 to 266. The main reason for this is Nooa, […]

  • Mono White Mythic

    I made it to the Mythic rank, the best rank in Magic: The Gathering Arena. I’ve reached Mythic twice before: two months in a row last year when I started playing Magic online, and again last May. Earlier I’ve always made it to Mythic with a Mono Green Aggro deck (2021 variant, 2020 variant), but […]

  • Mono Green Aggro (2021)

    Mono Green Aggro (2021)

    I’m back running a mono green aggro deck. I had a really good run with another variant on this theme back in Fall 2020, when I made it to Mythic two months in a row. I haven’t seen Mythic since. I wanted to give green aggro a go, and found this deck online. I’ve been […]

  • Gaming Year 2020

    2020 was a weird year. Covid-19. Let’s get the big one out there first. Covid-19 was a big thing, and wasn’t. The total amount of games I played was about the same as it has been in previous years. The ten year average is 751, I played 753 games in 2020; in hours the average […]

  • Gaming Year 2019

    2019 was a solid year of games. Updating my game stats app. A major project this year was updating my game stats app. I’ve been keeping my stats in a DIY web app, built with PHP and MySQL some fifteen years ago. I’ve been updating it and adding new features, but I’ve had some problems […]

  • Gaming Year 2018

    2018 was the year of the two-player card game. Look at my top three played games: Magic: the Gathering, KeyForge and Shards of Infinity, all with more than fifty plays. When I look at my lists, it feels like I mostly played new games this year. I managed to do that in moderation, though: we’re […]

  • KeyForge: Call of the Archons

    The game: KeyForge: Call of the Archons by Richard Garfield. The game was published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2018. I received my first three decks as a review copy from Asmodee Nordics, but have bought rest of it myself. Elevator pitch: A dueling card game from the designer of Magic: The Gathering, using procedurally generated unique […]