Mono White Mythic

I made it to the Mythic rank, the best rank in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

November 2021 Season Rank: 92% Mythic

I’ve reached Mythic twice before: two months in a row last year when I started playing Magic online, and again last May. Earlier I’ve always made it to Mythic with a Mono Green Aggro deck (2021 variant, 2020 variant), but I did it with a Mono White deck this time.

That’s me and everybody else, of course, because Mono White is super popular right now. It’s the hottest archetype in the Standard meta at the moment, in a couple of different variations. I’ve tried two different versions, one that plays only Humans and uses Rally the Ranks to boost them, and the Exile variant with Stonebinder’s Familiar and all the exilers.

The Exile deck seems better. The deck that took me to Mythic was this design from MTG_Joe. I’m not ashamed to say I netdeck (use decks designed by someone else I’ve found online). I don’t really like deck-building, and I’m not very good at it; also, Arena is stingy enough with rare wildcards that I don’t want to waste any on useless duds. I’d instead start with a good deck. The thrill of discovery of finding good synergies in deck-building doesn’t do anything for me, and I don’t really have the time.

Also, getting a good deck from the net isn’t going to get you all the way; it also takes good play. No deck is that good. Figuring out the best way to use the deck and surviving the challenges your opponents throw at you is enough of a game for me.

Since this went so far in the month – one day left – I don’t think I will reach the top 12oo this month. That’s my next goal in Magic. If the white aggro deck still works next month, I’ll have a better chance, as I’ll start higher in the rankings, and it’ll take me less time to reach the Mythic level and start grinding those percentages.

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2 responses to “Mono White Mythic”

  1. The pandemic has changed all our hobbies. I’ve taken refuge in video games, but I miss face to face gaming very much.

  2. Magic has been a nice outlet for me; fortunately, face-to-face gaming is also back in action here but of course, how it’ll stay that way is another question. Hopefully you can get back to face-to-face games soon!