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  • Top Race, Cartel, Stone Age and so on

    Catching up again. Top Race. A Wolfgang Kramer race game from 1996, just recently released in Finland. Not a bad game to release, though, as the game’s pretty solid for a family racing fun. Players get cards that move all cars, then the six cars are auctioned and the race is driven. The better your […]

  • Math trade results

    Here’s my side of the recent Finnish math trade: I traded 2038 for Days of Steam Bamboleo for Roll through the Ages Epäillyt for Age of Steam: Disco Inferno / Soul Train Fauna for Santiago Fluch der Mumie for Blokus Hornet for Finca Steel Driver for Stephensons Rocket Some of these trades are better than […]

  • TradeResolver

    TradeResolver has evolved to release 4, which is probably the last release for a while now. The program works and has plenty of interesting features. In the speed of the brute force mode it loses to TradeGenie, but then again, even TradeGenie is too slow to completely run through bigger lists in reasonable amount of […]

  • Math trades and Spiel des Jahres

    I’ve been rather excited with the concept of math trades. There’s loads of math trade activity in the Geek, just check the trade forum (the math trade guide is good if you don’t know what this is all about). I haven’t been involved in those, as it doesn’t make sense from Finland and I’ve yet […]