Math trade results

Here’s my side of the recent Finnish math trade:

  • I traded 2038 for Days of Steam
  • Bamboleo for Roll through the Ages
  • Epäillyt for Age of Steam: Disco Inferno / Soul Train
  • Fauna for Santiago
  • Fluch der Mumie for Blokus
  • Hornet for Finca
  • Steel Driver for Stephensons Rocket

Some of these trades are better than the rest, but as a whole I’m fairly happy. Take Blokus, for example — I’ve wanted a copy for a while, but haven’t desired the game enough to buy it, particularly at 35 euros or whatever it usually costs in Finnish stores. Now I scored a copy still in shrinkwrap. Most of the games I traded away were review copies I haven’t paid for, so the value differences don’t matter as much (of course, I could’ve sold the game in the auction next week and especially for Steel Driver might’ve received a better deal, but I’m not complaining).

I was also able to improve my train game quotient, as I traded two train games (well, 1.5 really) away and gained two train games and an AOS expansion! Almost 40% of my collection is now train games. My expansions are 72% train games, not counting expansions my collection is 25% train games.

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