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  • Thursday session: Slovenian Tarok, Ottocento

    When I arrived, the guys were already playing Mhing. No problem: I dealt myself in and joined the game. It’s flexible that way… Didn’t win the first hand, obviously, but in the second, I got out on what, fourth or fifth card. Getting three jokers in the deal sure helps. My hand was a true […]

  • Cider gaming: Cosmic Eidex, Mhing

    Yesterday’s game session was motivated by cider. Some local pubs have cider weeks right now and being such a cider fan as I am, I wanted to check out their real cider — it was called Broadside or Broadwinds, don’t know for sure. It was good (though not superior to Weston’s Old Rosie), as were […]

  • Phantom Rummy with Johanna

    I wanted to see how Johanna liked Phantom Rummy, so we played a game. It wasn’t quite a success — we aborted after three rounds when Johanna was leading 8-4. I wasn’t quite sure she’d like the game to begin with… She likes Mhing, but is Phantom Rummy similar enough? Or too similar? As it […]

  • Mhing and votes

    Johanna handed me my butt, properly kicked, after a quick match of Mhing. She won four rounds, I got two, with score total of 160-64. She’s phenomenal! Finnish Players’ Picks -votes have been trickling in. 51 gamers have already voted. The results look both interesting and unsurprising. I guess it’s not a big surprise which […]

  • Visiting Italy

    We were in Italy last week. Two years ago we checked the jesters in Florence, this time I checked the background on San Marco. Well, actually we resided in Bardolino on the Lake Garda, but we made a day-trip to Venice (by the way: the anglicized names of the Italian cities really bug me… It’s […]

  • Weekend games: Mhing, Flaschenteufel and Bongo

    I played a quick round of Mhing with Johanna while we waited for food to cook. We played just four rounds, which is probably the best explanation for my victory, which was first of it’s kind. I visited the Sunday’s board game club swiftly to pick up my copy of Cosmic Eidex (first thoughts: the […]

  • Sunday afternoon Mhing

    Johanna wanted to play games, which is always nice. I still don’t have Antiquity, which we both lust for, so we had to settle with Mhing. After playing the game twice without any regard to scoring, we now counted score. Maybe we shouldn’t have. After all, losing 8-6 isn’t that bad, but losing 136-68 sounds […]

  • More Mhing

    Since I get very controversial comments on Mhing‘s two-player suitability, I wanted to try it myself. Johanna was up for the task, and we played few rounds last night. As Johanna was new to the game, I didn’t teach her scoring, we just counted winning the rounds. Johanna enjoyed the game and I too think […]

  • Games weekend in Jyväskylä: Mhing!

    I visited Jyväskylä last weekend and played quite a few games. I had just few games with me, so the games were repeated more than usually. That’s different and to be honest, I quite enjoyed it. Lost Cities: I brought a brand-new Finnish copy of the game as a mother’s day gift and ended up […]