Weekend games: Mhing, Flaschenteufel and Bongo

I played a quick round of Mhing with Johanna while we waited for food to cook. We played just four rounds, which is probably the best explanation for my victory, which was first of it’s kind.

I visited the Sunday’s board game club swiftly to pick up my copy of Cosmic Eidex (first thoughts: the cards are very pretty!) and stayed for two games.

First I taught Flaschenteufel to Atro and Inari. They both had a one huge round and collected both around 80 points during our three-round match. I, in the other hand, demonstrated a good ability to avoid tricks, playing two zero-round hands. Unfortunately, the third one, a healthy 60-pointer, was spoiled by the bottle. -5.

I’m starting to realize I’m not that good in Flaschenteufel. I can avoid tricks and the bottle, most of the time, but scoring good points is beyond me.

I then hopped into a game of Bongo, which I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. It was fun, though very difficult. I’m usually pretty good in these pattern recognition games, now my mind drew blanks. Nothing. I made a single guess during the game and that was wrong, too. It’s very difficult game, but perhaps the others just had more practise. Well, I’m still intrigued.

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