Tag: Movable Type

  • New look

    It was about time! I switched the blog from Movable Type to WordPress. I thought it would be a harrowing process, but it was fairly smooth (ok, my idea of smooth involves a fair bit of regexp fixing, mining data with MySQL queries and so on). This was my last active blog using Movable Type, […]

  • Tags

    I installed a new version of Movable Type, which features tags. So, I’ve started tagging my entries. I think the tags are a good addition: they work a bit like categories, but are a lot more specific and thus can be a lot more useful in some situations. Clicking the tags will show you all […]

  • New colour

    After meddling with the colours and the looks at Lautapelaaja.net, I kind of realised this blog looks pretty boring. I mean, just one colour and black and white. More colours! EasyRGB Color harmonies tool gave me some blues and purples and I ended up with this. How do you like the new style?

  • Reworking the categories

    This blog has been categorized in a terrible way. The division between Less about games and More about games is idiotic. No librarian can be proud of a classification like that, no way. Thus, it’s time to re-work the categories. Sorry for the trouble! I’m going through my archives, throwing stuff from one bin to […]

  • New Movable Type

    I’m now running Movable Type 3.121 here. Major changes include new, smarter URLs for entries (old files remain, so links are not entirely broken) and new commenting system. I now support TypeKey, which is a global registration service. If you register with TypeKey, you can use that id to comment in several blogs. In Gameblog, […]

  • Inconsequential Ruminations moves

    Inconsequential Iain joins the ranks of people moving from Movable Type to WordPress. If you’ve been reading (and if not, check his blog out, it’s a good read), note his new RSS feed.

  • Related entries

    I added this wonderful new related entries plugin by Adam Kalsey. Tread lightly on the things of earth was very useful help, too. It’s quite neat, and hopefully it’ll be of use.