New look

It was about time! I switched the blog from Movable Type to WordPress. I thought it would be a harrowing process, but it was fairly smooth (ok, my idea of smooth involves a fair bit of regexp fixing, mining data with MySQL queries and so on). This was my last active blog using Movable Type, now I’m all WordPress. WordPress is simply so much better.

I’ve been writing this blog since August 2002. In 7.5 years I’ve written almost 1200 blog posts and received almost as many comments. The whole export archive was over three megabytes of text.

Feed readers won’t notice anything, visitors have noticed the new look already. This is just a beginning, the theme is something I threw together in few minutes. I’ll fix the look somewhat, add some pictures to the sidebar rotator and maybe some widgets and other fun details. Playing with the blog is much more fun now it’s running WordPress, I can use all sorts of plugins and tools.

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2 responses to “New look”

  1. I didn’t think WordPress was good enough back then. Now I spend most of my time working with it… My previous “New look” post was a Movable Type update back in 2007, even then WordPress wasn’t charming enough.