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  • Pentago

    This review in Finnish Pentago, the Finnish Adult Game of the year for 2006, is a twist on good old naughts and crosses. Players try to form five in a row on a 6×6 grid. That’s fairly boring, but fortunately that’s not all. The twist is in the board, which is divided into quadrants of […]

  • Quick touch with Pentago

    I played Pentago, the Finnish game of the year, yesterday with Johanna. My darling wife was amazed when she heard that was the winner. She may not be a hardcore gamer, but she isn’t clueless either! The game sucks, simply put. It’s your typical naughts-and-crosses on six by six board; one board quadrant is rotated […]

  • Finnish Game of the Year awards

    Finnish Game of the Year awards for 2006 are out now, and what a huge disappointment they are! Best children’s game is Build-a-Burger (I would’ve given the award to Das kleine Gespenst, but I don’t know anything about Build-a-Burger). Best family game is Quackle, which seems to be a clone of Snorta!, or at least […]