Quick touch with Pentago

I played Pentago, the Finnish game of the year, yesterday with Johanna. My darling wife was amazed when she heard that was the winner. She may not be a hardcore gamer, but she isn’t clueless either!

The game sucks, simply put. It’s your typical naughts-and-crosses on six by six board; one board quadrant is rotated 90 degrees after each move. That’s it. Boring! I’d rather play five-in-a-row on a Go board, if I wanted something like that… The larger board is more interesting than a twisting board.

It’s a nice object, though, makes for a great coffee-table game.

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4 responses to “Quick touch with Pentago”

  1. I don’t think it is totally terrible as I mainly prefer abstracts. And it makes good for a little more relaxed quick game with not too much depth. But depending on if you got the cheap or the expensive model it might not have been worth the price.

  2. Nice oak version for free (which I already sold for 10 €), so yes, very much worth the price =)
    It’s not terrible, but I think it’s just so bland. Choosing a tic-tac-toe derivative as the Game of the year was a disgrace, really.
    The best thing is that everybody already knows how to play it and it looks so good — so, keep it on your office desk or coffee table and lure passers-by for a quick game.

  3. If you enjoy five-in-a-row on go board, you really should check out Renju. I’m surprised if you haven’t heard/tried it already.

  4. I have heard of it, but for me, on my skill level, the difference between Gomoku and Renju aren’t that different; I haven’t felt the need to play Renju. I don’t like Gomoku that much…