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  • Interested in new games

    I’ve been living in a gaming void… Excluding the play-by-web games, the Bezique match is the only game I’ve played since Anni was born. It’s still a bit hectic to go out and play, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking about games. I’ve found Günter Cornett’s Greentown and I’m seriously thinking about buying it. […]

  • Helcon 2008 review, part 3

    Let’s see what I didn’t cover in part 1 or part 2… see also part 4. GemBlo Pyramid. This dice-pyramid game is apparently good, if played with the expert rules. Well, we couldn’t figure them out, so we tried the basic game. That one isn’t good, since making the pyramids isn’t particularly interesting and the […]

  • Helcon 2006

    Helcon 2006 was a blast, and the most successful event of the Board Game Society history with almost 100 participants. I was there for the Saturday (limitation caused by being a parent; unfortunate for the gaming, but rewarding in other ways). I didn’t play that many games, but as you will see, sometimes (well, often) […]

  • Pentago

    This review in Finnish Pentago, the Finnish Adult Game of the year for 2006, is a twist on good old naughts and crosses. Players try to form five in a row on a 6×6 grid. That’s fairly boring, but fortunately that’s not all. The twist is in the board, which is divided into quadrants of […]

  • Pünct

    A review of Pünct in Finnish. After trying Pünct in Essen and knowing I probably won’t play again, I thought I’d write a review since my opinion is already well-formed. Pünct is a great addition to the Project GIPF line. It extends the set to connection games, a fairly important subgenre of abstract two-player games. […]

  • Dvonn

    After a big silence on the game review front, I wrote two reviews yesterday. The second one was Dvonn. Dvonn is neat, like most of the GIPF series. Well, at least Zèrtz and Yinsh. The games are close to perfection, when it comes to modern abstract board games: the rules are simple, yet the games […]

  • New acquisitions: Turbo Taxi and Dvonn

    I got new games today! Turbo Taxi was a must for me, I knew it from the description. After all, I love Ricochet Robot and this one’s right at the same league. Players must assemble a city road network using nine of their twelve pieces (everybody has the same set). There are few limits: the […]

  • Dvonn strategy

    I’m determined to learn Dvonn. Therefore I dug out some strategy guides. There are some basic tips and Alan Kwan’s glossary, both at Project Gipf site. There’s also Joe Gola’s very detailed session report at the Geek. I sure hope these help me improve my game. If I played more of two-player games, Dvonn would […]

  • Helcon III — Saturday

    Helcon III began early in the morning, when we packed up everything in Tommy’s car and headed to the location. We quickly set everything up, unpacked games and arranged the tables and whatnot. First visitors arrived early and started playing games soon and soon more came. First game I played was a four-player Crokinole match. […]

  • Zèrtz

    For Finnish users, there’s a new review at my web site: Zèrtz. I’ve played about 50 games of Zèrtz during this summer, both PBeM and with a real set. I love it! It’s quick to play so you can play lots of it. The rules are easy to learn but there’s just right amount of […]