Interested in new games

I’ve been living in a gaming void… Excluding the play-by-web games, the Bezique match is the only game I’ve played since Anni was born. It’s still a bit hectic to go out and play, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking about games.

Greentown box

I’ve found Günter Cornett’s Greentown and I’m seriously thinking about buying it. The game is generally described as the track-building aspect of 18xx games and nothing else — sounds pretty sweet. The BGG reception is not very good, but also may be a slightly confused. I don’t know, but the game does sound fascinating.


I’m also thinking about buying Tzaar to complete my Gipf collection (I still don’t have and will not have Pünct, but that doesn’t count). I think the Gipf brand is good, because I’m not very keen on abstract games in general, but Gipf games manage to capture my attention and get me interested.

Funny thing — as something like Kamisado just didn’t attract me at all, even though I think it has similar depth as the Gipf games have. Part of it is the style, as I really like the black-and-white aesthetics of Gipf and find the colourful mess of Kamisado disgusting, but still… part of it must be the successfull Gipf brand.

Canal Mania box

Then there’s the question of Canal Mania — I have the first edition, I like to play it and now I’m wondering if I should buy the second edition or not. Is the second edition essentially better than the first? I think I like the concept of junction contracts and the possibilities they allow, but is that worth the money switching editions costs? If I can sell the first edition for a good price, then buying the second would be easy, but… I don’t know. Any suggestions?

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4 responses to “Interested in new games”

  1. Yes, it’s a good review. I have high hopes for Greentown, as I like the track-building aspect of 18xx.

  2. Why not Punct? I thought Tamsk was the ugly step-sister? Tzaar is good. Like your other readers, I will be checking out Greentown.

  3. If there’s a single genre I really, really don’t like, it’s connection games. I’ve played Hex, Twixt and Pünct and don’t like any of them, at all. It’s like I don’t simply connect with connection games, heh.
    Tamsk is the odd one out, sure, my dislike of Pünct is purely personal. Pünct does belong to the set, it just isn’t part of my Gipf…