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  • Quackle! (Snorta!)

    Review of Quackle! in Finnish. Snorta! — or Quackle!, as it’s known in Finland — is a light party game. The rules are very simple, the components attractive, the game works for up to eight players and it’s easy enough for kids yet interesting enough for adults to enjoy it as well. The components are […]

  • Board game club session: Quackle!, Great Wall of China, Imperial

    Excellent session at the board game club today, I got to play everything I wanted! Quackle!, maybe better known as Snorta! for you foreign folks, was a silly game. It’s nice, but I much prefer Halli Galli when it comes to games like this. Quackle! seems to require a very specific atmosphere (read: very giggly); […]

  • Finnish Game of the Year awards

    Finnish Game of the Year awards for 2006 are out now, and what a huge disappointment they are! Best children’s game is Build-a-Burger (I would’ve given the award to Das kleine Gespenst, but I don’t know anything about Build-a-Burger). Best family game is Quackle, which seems to be a clone of Snorta!, or at least […]