Board game club session: Quackle!, Great Wall of China, Imperial

Excellent session at the board game club today, I got to play everything I wanted!

Quackle!, maybe better known as Snorta! for you foreign folks, was a silly game. It’s nice, but I much prefer Halli Galli when it comes to games like this. Quackle! seems to require a very specific atmosphere (read: very giggly); now our game fell a bit flat. Wasn’t exactly a source of riotous laughter. Well, I’ve played it, I can review it and somebody bought it from me, so I’m happy.

I finally got to play a complete game of Great Wall of China. We fudged the ending a bit, the Finnish translation I have is a bit unclear on that, but it didn’t matter. The game was fun, full of excitement, tough choices and difficult trade-offs. Quality Knizia, I think. The game works really well with five, and we were able to play the game fast enough this time. Excellent game in a small box.

Then, the main course: Imperial. The game that takes everything that’s good in Antike and builds on that! The rondel works well, the stock market is fluid, countries change hands — brilliant game. We had three players and we played the rules as written, but with the advanced setup. I enjoyed it a lot.

It’s an easy game to play, especially after Antike, and I did well, too. The movement of armies had just the right amount of focus — it wasn’t that big a deal in the end, but you could do clever things with them. Controlling the right countries at the right time is what counts, of course.

It was a pleasure to play with swift players (Olli M. and Joona), we got through the whole deal in just 90 minutes. It was a blast. Very good game, this one I definitely want to play again.

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2 responses to “Board game club session: Quackle!, Great Wall of China, Imperial”

  1. 90 minutes? From what I’ve heard, that’s a speed game. I thought it was supposed to be an easy 2.5 hours. I still want to get it, though.

  2. Well, we were fast (and that’s the way I like to play). Others have been able to get through the gamae in 90 minutes though… 2.5 hours would be way too much, and if it took even two hours every time, I wouldn’t like it as much.