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  • Queen’s Necklace, Samurai and Höhlengrölen

    I’ve been busy writing reviews. I have already 91 reviews on my web site — I hear the 100 review mark calling my name already. That’ll take some time, but soon, soon I’ll be there. I’m not going to write long reviews of these games now; I’ll just summarize my thoughts shortly. Links are to […]

  • Christmas games

    I’ve been playing some games with Johanna during the holidays. I wanted to introduce Attika to Johanna. I thought she might like it, the whole constructive attitude of the game. In the other hand, I thought it might be a bit too complicated. It turned out well. We both played a good game (I suspect […]

  • Weekend games: Puerto Rico, Gang of Four

    I was in Jyväskylä meeting my parents last weekend and games were played, as usual. The boys weren’t home this time, so I chose more adult games that would work with three. Well, youngest of the boys was around enough so a game of 6 Nimmt! got played. Another fairly typical game choice was Puerto […]

  • Gang of Four

    I tried Gang of Four today, at the game web site. It was pretty fun and as with Queen’s Necklace the system worked well. The game was pretty much as I expected: an easier version of Tichu. The problems are pretty much the same, how to empty your hand as fast as possible being the […]

  • Two-player Queen’s Necklace

    It sure didn’t take long before we played the two-player game of Queen’s Necklace. I was a bit worried when Johanna got this look of slight terror when I explained the rules to her, but eventually it all turned out well (especially when she smoked me 340-160). I agree — the rules aren’t the most […]

  • Queen’s Necklace — online game and a preview

    I decided to try the online version of Queen’s Necklace. Days of Wonder has these brilliant web sites for all their games, with forums and tips and extra stuff for the games. Queen’s Necklace, Fist of Dragonstones and Gang of Four also have online versions. They aren’t free (dollar a month for each game, it […]

  • Day of Wonder

    I did my first live TV bit today. It was fun, we talked about board games. It was quite light, just five-ten minutes or so and therefore didn’t delve deep into the subject, but still, I had a good time and I think board games got a bit of good publicity. Then I visited Safe […]