Tag: Rails

  • 1889 and 1825U1 over

    Finished couple of PBEM games. 1825 Unit 1 was a curious game. We ran out of trains and GWR was totally stuck — it was in receivership, but since we ran out of trains, there was nothing to lease and nothing to buy, so there was really no way to get it out of receivership. […]

  • 18xx day: 1846 and 1889

    Tommy came from Vantaa to join me, Olli and Robert for a day of 18xx. We chose two shorter games, 1846 and 1889, to make sure we could actually finish two games during the ~9 hours we had. We expected to use four hours per game and that worked out pretty well. We started with […]

  • Simtex 1830

    I finally managed to play a game of 1830 with the SimTex computer version. I’ve tried before, but for some reason I haven’t done it… Now I got a reason so I played a game today. It was fun and I’ll definitely try it again. The reason? I’m trying 1830 play-by-email, we’re running a game […]