1889 and 1825U1 over

Finished couple of PBEM games.

1825 Unit 1 was a curious game. We ran out of trains and GWR was totally stuck — it was in receivership, but since we ran out of trains, there was nothing to lease and nothing to buy, so there was really no way to get it out of receivership. That took that company out of the game, making the end game even more stable, as there were fewer shares to buy.

All in all it was a bit boring game, though the tile play was interesting. We had all regions, yet Wales and Cornwall were again left empty. Feels a bit odd leaving them off, though. Anyway, one thing is certain: next time I’m playing Unit 1, I’m including phase four. Oh, and I was dead last. I jumped LNWR too soon to start a new company, and it didn’t pay off properly.1825 Unit 1 game

1889 was also a bit of a failure for me. Third place, way behind the winner. I only had one presidency (UR) through the whole game, without a chance to get another… On the fourth stock round, I was last in priority and AR, SR and KO were started in front of me. When even KU was started on that round, nothing was left for me. I also had to pay a rather hefty sum for a diesel train.

1889 final map

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