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  • Ricochet Robot solver

    Remember when I wrote about my Ricochet Robot solver back in 2002? Maybe not, but today I did get a message from Matthias Krings, telling me he has a working Ricochet Robot that’s fast. He doesn’t have Windows binaries, so I can’t check right now, but if you’re running Linux, go check Yet Another Ricochet […]

  • Board game club session: Spinergy, In the Shadow of the Emperor

    Saturday’s board game club session continued: Another game having some buzz about it was Spinergy. We got nine players to play it, which was nice. Spinergy is highly creative party game, where one player spins three words from a device with three word rings that can be spun. Say there’s “fly, “hay stack” and “trash”. […]

  • Rush Hour

    I bought myself a Rush Hour puzzle set and all three extra card sets. It was a total impulse purchase, I just thought it would be interesting to try. I’ve tried Lunar Lockout, another puzzle from the same company and enjoyed that (that one is very much like Ricochet Robot), so I thought Rush Hour […]

  • FinDipCon V: Sunday

    Sunday came after another badly-slept night. This time I was able to sleep an about hour longer than last night. I went to eat breakfast at McDonalds, as that was the only thing that’s open at 9 am Sunday morning. This is not a food blog (I had one, but it’s a bit dead right […]

  • I Do Rule the Ricochet Robot

    After 119 more players, I still rule the Ricochet Robot. See for yourself: Scores for 12.12.2002. This is only the first of many victories to come! (But today I screwed up — I found seven move solution, but only after I had spent about 80 seconds doing an 18-move one…)

  • Ruling the Ricochet Robot

    It’s 9:42 AM in the USA, 190 players have already completed the daily Ricochet Robot puzzle and I’m still number one! I knew I found a good solution (I’d say optimal) and fairly fast, too, but it’s still hard to believe.

  • Ricochet Robot

    I’m addicted. Ricochet Robot is my favourite puzzle game. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to find opponents good enough, as it is a game where newbie has little chance against a seasoned veteran. The new brains simply doesn’t function fast enough compared to RR-tuned brains. Well, there’s a solution: Online Ricochet Robot. There’s a daily […]

  • Ricochet Robot solver

    As long as I’ve had Ricochet Robot, I’ve thought about how neat it would be to have a computer program that would solve those puzzles that seem a bit too hard for the humans to solve. Well, now I have one. I’ve been studying Data Structures and Algorithmics lately in the University and I’ve learned […]