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  • Indie role-playing games

    Iain wrote about role-playing games for boardgamers, looking for a role-playing game that would satisfy the needs of a modern Euro boardgamer. He got some suggestions, but I have some as well. This was originally an e-mail to Iain, but as it grew, it became a blog entry. Whee. Anyway, over two years ago I […]

  • Pirate’s Cove

    I wrote a review of Pirate’s Cove (in Finnish; review number 92!). I like Pirate’s Cove. I like the fancy bits (I think it’s one of the prettiest games I’ve ever seen), the theme is great and the game is simply a blast to play. However, I’m still rating it as 7. The game’s main […]

  • Roleplaying days are over

    That’s it: I’m not a rpg gamer anymore. I finally sold my Wraith books, thus removing most of my rpg collection. I’m left with Kult 2nd edition rule book, which I’m selling as soon as possible (so if you’re interested in buying it for, say, 15 euros + postage, contact me). EDIT: It sold immediately, […]