Roleplaying days are over

That’s it: I’m not a rpg gamer anymore. I finally sold my Wraith books, thus removing most of my rpg collection. I’m left with Kult 2nd edition rule book, which I’m selling as soon as possible (so if you’re interested in buying it for, say, 15 euros + postage, contact me). EDIT: It sold immediately, so there’s no use asking for it anymore.

I guess I just finally figured out I’m not a roleplayer (I gave up live action games already years ago). Roleplaying games can be fun, but they take tremendous amount of effort and compared to that, board games are easier to organize and more fun to play, really.

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2 responses to “Roleplaying days are over”

  1. I still have all my RPG stuff back at my parents place, but haven’t played in couple of years. There’s a slight chance of one game starting soon, but that’s pretty much my only chance to play RPGs these days. Still, I’d say the fun factor is pretty 50/50 between RPGs and boardgames. They are a bit different games after all.

  2. Hi!
    Do you still have your KULT 2nd Edition rulebook and are still selling it? (It is the one with the black and white cover, right?)
    If you do please tell me in what condition it is and what the total cost would be for me if I live in sweden?
    Im VERY interested in buying it as ive been looking for that book a long time now!!!
    Thanks in advance!
    (I currently use my mothers email as my own server is down so thats why the name in the email adress is not Marcus =))