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  • Playing-card review 6: Wilhelm Tell cards

    Wilhelm Tell cards are fairly common in the Central and Eastern Europe: Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, western Romania and southern Tyrol. It is a rather beautiful pattern, full of interesting details. The pack has the German suits: hearts, acorns, leaves and bells. Generally, as far as I know, the packs have […]

  • Hot games for Q2/2008

    Continuing from the previous round… Glory to Rome takes the spot as the hottest game of the quarter, by far: it has double the hotness points the second game on the list has. And why not? It’s new and it’s very, very good. I’ve played four games, once each with two, three, four and five […]

  • Bondtolva in the park

    Yesterday’s session was a disaster: Mari arrived at 16.20 or so, I arrived at 17.00 and Make arrived at 17.30 — none of us stayed long enough to meet each other. Way to go! However, today was much better. You see, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time outside in the Kaukajärvi parks with […]

  • Thursday session: Glory to Rome, Schnapsen

    I got a chance to play two more games of Glory to Rome today. It’s a great game, especially as I won both games… Well, that’s definitely not hard against newbies, and Mari, the only other player with experience, didn’t repeat her excellent performance from the last time. The buildings are fun. In the first […]

  • Playing-card review 3: Doppelkopf packs by ASS and Piatnik

    This time I’m taking a look at some Doppelkopf packs. These packs have 48 cards, but they are actually made of two 24-card packs. Thus, the packs have A, K, Q, J, 10, 9 in each suit twice. Doppelkopf is a very good game, developed from Schafkopf. In Doppelkopf, or Doko as it’s also known, […]

  • Two-player card games: Schnapsen, WYSIWYG

    I made a return to Schnapsen — I had tried it once before, about five years ago. It’s an extremely tight two-handed trick-taker. It’s an ace-ten game, played with a 20-card pack with all the non-scoring cards removed. It seems to be a game of memory: you must remember your own points and it certainly […]