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  • Three weeks of games

    Last three weeks of board games: Kingdom Builder. 14 games, or so. I love this one. Turns out my game group doesn’t, but fortunately this works in other contexts, looks like a staple game for Monday night circus school games and I’m sure this is also welcome at Jyväskylä (five games during one weekend says […]

  • Board game club: Steel Driver, Torres

    I had a great time at today’s board game club (yeah, the baby’s still waiting for a nice day to be born — perhaps next week?). I started with quick five-player game of Formissimo, which is a simple speed test pattern recognition puzzle. Cards have images with different attributes. 30 cards are laid on the […]

  • Thursday session: Preußische Ostbahn

    I visited today’s board game club session quickly. Petri and Hannu were free and easy to rope into playing Preußische Ostbahn. I had a bonus, too, as a friend of mine (Sampo Sikiö) had recently done a new, much prettier board for the game. It’s wicked cool, too, and makes playing the game a lot […]

  • Helcon 2008 review, part 3

    Let’s see what I didn’t cover in part 1 or part 2… see also part 4. GemBlo Pyramid. This dice-pyramid game is apparently good, if played with the expert rules. Well, we couldn’t figure them out, so we tried the basic game. That one isn’t good, since making the pyramids isn’t particularly interesting and the […]

  • Finncon + Board Game Club: Steam over Holland, West Riding

    I’ve been too busy to write a session report from Finncon. Well, now I have time. I’ll combine reports, as I just returned from our board game club, where I had a rather splendid little session. So, watch out for another blog entry of epic proportions… I played Steam over Holland in both sessions, so […]

  • Thursday session: Wabash Cannonball, Great Wall of China

    Thanks to Easter, we had to reschedule our Thursday games to Wednesday. I started the session with Don. It’s been a while since I last played this little filler. Too long, actually, as I was already getting hazy with the rules. That’s unconvenient, as I only have the German rules… Well, we did play it […]

  • Board game club: Antiquity

    It’s been a while since I last visited the board game club. Bad timing and busy weekends… It was a real pleasure to go and to celebrate, I decided to play something heavier that doesn’t quite work with our Thursday evening sessions. First game of the afternoon was something lighter, though: we played Verflixxt! with […]

  • Thursday session: Set, Age of Steam

    For some reason I hadn’t played Set before. After all, as a pattern recognition game it’s right up my alley. I had tried it in some Helcon or other, but there was a mess and nobody knew how to play and it just fizzled. Now I had better luck, as Olli introduced us to the […]