Three weeks of games

Last three weeks of board games:

  • Kingdom Builder. 14 games, or so. I love this one. Turns out my game group doesn’t, but fortunately this works in other contexts, looks like a staple game for Monday night circus school games and I’m sure this is also welcome at Jyväskylä (five games during one weekend says so). The Nomads expansion looks like a must-buy (especially because of the red pieces, clever move delaying such a crucial player colour to the expansion). Lovely game. Suggest.
  • Tobago. Bought for Jyväskylä and we played four games in a row. Not bad, considering the three last games took about 30 minutes each. Very nice middle-weight game, light, fun and clever. I can see why this didn’t win Spiel des Jahres, it’s a bit too fiddly for that, but if you’re clever and already experienced with quality board games, Tobago will probably make a pretty good family game. Suggest.
  • Fresko. This time with correct rules. Much better that way, but still not that impressive. I was expecting a bit more, to be honest. Indifferent, definitely not a keeper.
  • Mystery Rummy: Jekyll & Hyde. No reason to play this when there’s MR: Jack the Ripper. Indifferent (but not Avoid).
  • Set. Might have hooked someone to this addiction. That’s fine; world needs more Set players. This was with the iPad version, which is rather nice. Enthusiastic.
  • Oregon. Twelve more recorded games since the last update, and more I haven’t recorded (I record Yucata games played on one sitting, but not those that drag on several days). Still fun, this is a very, very lovely game. Enthusiastic.
  • Brass. Quite the attraction. In a very unusual turn of events, we’ve now played Brass twice in two weeks. That’s pretty good for a game that takes two and half hours (about an hour for the canal phase, promising a two-hour game, then an hour and a half for the rail phase). I’ve lost both, for some reason I really, really suck in this game. Then again, both games have been fairly close affairs, except for one run-away leader. Interesting. Suggest, possibly enthusiastic if I figure out how to play this game successfully.

My 1000 rating project has reached the 800 rating milestone. Hooray for me.


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6 responses to “Three weeks of games”

  1. I’m going to have to try Oregon. Luckily, Simpike has a copy, now that I have joined his group.

    Ironically, Shannon Appelcline’s strategy article about Brass put me off the game. It made me realise that it’s more shallow than it looks.

  2. Looks like the strategy article was lost when Boardgame News quit. Too bad, would like to read it – I probably need it. I don’t necessarily disagree about the shallowness.

  3. I’m not sure. All I’ve been able to find is links in Appelcline’s Brass review, and those links point to Boardgame News and redirect to BoardGameGeek – but the article is not on BGG, or at least I haven’t found it (nor is it on Boardgameinfo, where Shannon Appelcline posted reviews).