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  • Settlers of Catan outselling Monopoly in the Netherlands

    Gameblogger tells a rumour about Settlers of Catan outselling Monopoly in the Netherlands last year. If that’s true, it’s certainly good news. Even with the Finnish Catan now out, I wouldn’t bet on that happening in Finland.

  • Finnish Game of the Year 2004: Carcassonne

    Carcassonne wins the Finnish Game of the Year 2004 award. As we all know, Settlers of Catan didn’t make it, not even to the finals. However, it got a special mention as an interesting, new kind of game. So basically, I think that reads great game, but too complicated for the award. Finalists included Yundao,…

  • Carcassonne vs Settlers of Catan — winner is clear

    As I mentioned in an earlier entry, Finnish Game of the Year awards are very interesting this year as both Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan are competing for the award. Well, looks like that competition is already done: Catan didn’t make it to the final four. Carcassonne did, and is competing against Yundao, Triominds and…

  • New Finnish game store online

    Lautapelit.fi (lautapelit is Finnish for board games), a new Finnish online game store opened it’s web site yesterday. It’s still bit unfinished, but it should work already. It’s run by the folks behind Safe Haven. I think it’s pretty neat. Prices should be a bit lower than in Safe Haven (that’s not the case right…

  • Games keep coming my way

    Even though I don’t have any money to buy games, I keep getting them by other means. Looks like I’ll get a copy of Alan Moon’s Ticket to Ride to translate. That’ll be interesting, because I’m intrigued about the game. It’s the comments that say "this is what TransAmerica should’ve been" — I was badly…

  • Online Catan

    There is going to be a new way to play Settlers of Catan online, when Microsoft releases it’s online Catan game. Mayfair Games released a press release yesterday announcing the deal. Settlers of Catan is becoming seriously big.

  • Online Settlers of Catan

    S3D Connector was recommended to me as a good online version of Settlers of Catan. If you’re interested in that kind of action, go check it out.

  • Game studies

    The game studies group meeting went well. My talk was rather unstructured, but hopefully someone got something of it. There were about eight people there, some of which were already quite familiar with board games. Different point of views, though. Petri seems like a fan of American school of board game design, citing games like…