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  • Boardgame club meeting: Fifth Avenue, Finstere Flure

    The first boardgame club meeting this Fall was yesterday. It sure was great to get some gaming action going on. We had a decent showing, with about two tables going on most of the time. First game I played was Fifth Avenue. It was much better than the last time. This time even the scoring […]

  • San Juan and St. Petersburg

    With my job and all, last three months have been very quiet games-wise. So, the first thing I did on my first day off from work was to head to Brettspielwelt and play some games! It was quiet this time of day, but I managed to play few two-player games of San Juan and St. […]

  • Finnish Players’ Picks 2004

    Ok, finally: Finnish Players’ Picks 2004 voting is over, votes have been tallied and I can announce the results: Puerto Rico wins, again. Carcassonne is second and catches up, losing only by two votes. Once again, there’s a GeekList of the top games (here’s last year’s list). The whole list can be seen at the […]

  • Weekend games: Fifth Avenue

    The weekend is over and I finally have time to write about the games I played. The first thing we tried was the game I was most interested about: Fifth Avenue. And yeah, it was interesting. After one game, my initial rating is eight, which is pretty good considering Fifth Avenue’s a bit low average […]

  • International Gamers Awards 2004

    The winner of the International Gamers Awards is St. Petersburg. Neat. When I wrote about the nominees, I wished but didn’t expect it to win. Now the game has won both IGA and DSP awards — my taste in games is better than I thought, it seems. It is no surprise that I was correct […]

  • St. Petersburg wins DSP!

    It’s Deutscher Spiele Preis awards time. According to Mik’s DSP 2004 page, 2, 341 gamers cast their votes to determine the best game of 2004. Winner is St. Petersburg and — no surprises here — I think it’s well deserved. I can also agree with San Juan placing second. I’ve played eight games out of […]

  • St. Petersburg PC version

    Chris Brooks mentioned the St. Petersburg PC version. I downloaded it (it’s available at the Westpark Gamers website) and tried it. It’s neat, but the user interface looks like it’s done by an engineer and not a designer. However, it works — only thing I’m missing is the cards other players have bought. They are […]

  • Austrian Game of the Year awards

    Mik Svellov (of brilliant Brett’n’Board) announced the Austrian Spiel des Spiele awards for this year. There’s a list of award winners either at his SDS page or my GeekList. While I don’t really care about the award (it has very short history and none of the effect of Spiel des Jahres awards), there’s something quite […]

  • International Gamers Awards 2004 nominees

    It’s time for International Gamers Awards again. You can find the nominees for 2004 awards in multiplayer and two-player categories (historical simulation was awarded earlier) at the IGA nominee page or at the Geek in the IGA nominee GeekList I made. The lists are impressive and picking the winners will be difficult. I’m rooting for […]

  • BSW games: St. Pete and Tichu

    It’s been a while since I last played Tichu (about 50 weeks, actually). I played a game at BSW and sucked. No wonder. It was fun, anyway. We were down something like 800-0, but my partner pulled a Grand Tichu and then we won another round but after that was quickly over. I’d say my […]