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  • Yspahan for Windows

    I finally got around downloading Westpark Gamers PC version of Yspahan. It’s from the same guy who did the St. Petersburg PC version. It’s a good game. It took me few games to figure it out — since I was too lazy to read the rules properly — but after few rounds I got it. […]

  • Objective vs subjective

    Yehuda asks: Is there a solid line between objective and subjective evaluation? Most people don’t agree with my particular assessment of Saint Petersburg, and not only due to my subjective criticisms. It’s possible that my objective criticisms are more subjective than I am willing to believe. Is it tautological that when people disagree about a […]

  • Weekend games: Scotland Yard, Duel Masters, St. Petersburg

    We were visiting my mother at Jyväskylä this weekend and of course, I ended up playing some games. The most interesting game this weekend was Scotland Yard, the very first Spiel des Jahres game I’ve ever played. It was a big hit when I was younger and now my brother had bought it so of […]

  • Board game club: Antike, Antike!

    Board game club met last Sunday. It was a good meeting, with lots of people, some new faces and active gaming. After a warm-up game of Flix Mix (I’m still unbeaten in this game), we started a six-player Antike. That was one of my main wishes for the meeting, trying Antike with five or six. […]

  • Games at Jyväskylä — expanded Dawn Under

    We were visiting my parents in Jyväskylä this weekend (my grandfather’s 85th birthday party was Saturday). We did play some games, as well. Ismo and Raija joined me for a game of Dawn Under. I sold them my English copy, now I have the Finnish edition. I wanted to try my brand new Frische Luft […]

  • Games weekend in Jyväskylä: Mhing!

    I visited Jyväskylä last weekend and played quite a few games. I had just few games with me, so the games were repeated more than usually. That’s different and to be honest, I quite enjoyed it. Lost Cities: I brought a brand-new Finnish copy of the game as a mother’s day gift and ended up […]

  • Afternoon of games

    I had some friends over for games. First one to arrive was Antti, another Tampere gamer who I had met in Helsinki, actually — he came to HelCon. We started the festivities with a quick match of Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation. It was a smooth victory for me. Quick exchange of units left […]

  • Jyväskylä game weekend

    Last weekend in Jyväskylä was good gaming time. As usual, I brought a bunch on games we played a lot. It’s refreshingly different, playing the same games over and over again instead of playing a variety of games just once or twice. I won’t bother with detailed session reports, but here’s a rundown of the […]

  • Games of 2004

    Another year gone, another report of year’s activities. Once more, there’s probably more information than anyone wants to know, but it’s more for me anyway. Once again I played more than 100 different games — 113 to be precise. That’s less than last year, but then again, I played overall less games this year. Numbers […]

  • Boardgame club session: Intrige, Geschenkt

    Erkka and Robert were first to arrive, so we kicked the session off with two games of Da Vinci Code. It’s a good game and really a good choice for the club. It’s easy to learn (even learning by reading the rules is quick and easily done), plays fast and despite being kind of lucky, […]