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  • Some Thurn und Taxis thoughts

    Played some Thurn und Taxis at BSW. This time I was focused on the wagon-growing strategy, where you build five routes: three, four, five, six and seven cities. That way you’ll end the game (hopefully) faster than your opponents and will score plenty. Based on my experiments, I’d say it works. It’s not a guaranteed […]

  • Indonesia session

    I got the guys together for a game of Indonesia. My original idea was to play two games, but that was a bit too much to ask. Our game took hefty three hours and 40 minutes, so we didn’t have either time or energy to play a double match. It was still quite an interesting […]

  • Lost Valley — river gold rocks!

    We played our third Lost Valley match today. Johanna did the impossible: she won with river gold only! It’s the only thing she could’ve done, too, because she didn’t get a single mountain on her side of the river. It was pretty neat, but also quite close. She had just 15 pieces of gold on […]

  • Dvonn strategy

    I’m determined to learn Dvonn. Therefore I dug out some strategy guides. There are some basic tips and Alan Kwan’s glossary, both at Project Gipf site. There’s also Joe Gola’s very detailed session report at the Geek. I sure hope these help me improve my game. If I played more of two-player games, Dvonn would […]

  • The Games Journal

    Another issue of The games Journal is out. Greg Aleknevicus continues his series on basic strategy, this time covering long-term planning. I was somewhat disappointed by this article, it felt somewhat trivial. I found the previous article in the series (covering strategies of trading) much more interesting and useful. In the other hand, Sarah Samuelson’s […]

  • Weekend games: Fifth Avenue

    The weekend is over and I finally have time to write about the games I played. The first thing we tried was the game I was most interested about: Fifth Avenue. And yeah, it was interesting. After one game, my initial rating is eight, which is pretty good considering Fifth Avenue’s a bit low average […]

  • Guess what? St. Pete at BSW!

    I just played four two-player games of St. Petersburg at Brettspielwelt. Longest game took almost 14 minutes, fastest was over under eight minutes! That’s more like it! I managed to win only one game. In two-player games it’s easy to see when one player starts to get more and more workers and then you can […]

  • The Games Journal

    Once again, The Games Journal is out with a new issue. This one is great! Goodness starts with an insightful editorial on the front page. Destination Gaming is a curious article — I don’t get the point, but it’s a good read nonetheless. Greg Aleknevicus starts a new series on Basic Strategy of games. The […]

  • Puerto Rico strategy

    Jim Campbell has written Large Warehouse of Puerto Rico Knowledge, an excellent Puerto Rico strategy article. Even though the article is truncated at the end, it’s still a very good and useful read for anyone who wants to reach a higher level of Puerto Rico knowledge.