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Once again, The Games Journal is out with a new issue. This one is great! Goodness starts with an insightful editorial on the front page. Destination Gaming is a curious article — I don’t get the point, but it’s a good read nonetheless. Greg Aleknevicus starts a new series on Basic Strategy of games. The first piece is about trading strategies and for a clueless people like yours truly, it’s a very good lesson.

On the letters page, the issue of Games Journal RSS feeds is raised again. I don’t think the site needs the feeds, because it updates with the precision of a Swiss clock. RSS feeds are good for web sites that update occasionally… There’s no need to check out the Games Journal web site for updates (except in the mornings of the first of each month, while you’re waiting for the update to happen — that’s what you get from being on an earlier time zone), because you know when the updates come.

In the other hand, I could consider syndicating the contents if there was a RSS feed available. The latest headlines of the Games Journal could have a place on my blog front page. That might be a good reason to have a RSS feed, but if Greg has to create them manually, then it would be an extra burden he might not want to have.

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  1. Couple of articles

    I recently read two well-written articles: Destination Gaming is a strange article. It’s as if Rob Lyon is writing for a canoing magazine, explaining the appeal of gaming. It’s long and rambling, but it gives good insight to the appeal…