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  • Gaming year 2008

    So, how was the year? Pretty wild, if you ask me. (See Gaming Year 2007.) Good new games (2007-2008 games) Dominion — Well, I played 28 games of this, and most of them outside BrettSpielWelt. That’s a pretty nice number, considering how late this game arrived. Everybody likes it, or at least doesn’t mind playing […]

  • Thursday session: Erie Railroad, Secret Blueprints

    When I arrived, the guys were waiting and hungry: it was Wabash Cannonball time. Hannu and Petri, the two main Wabash fans in our group wanted to give the new Erie Railroad expansion a go. KJ and Tapani, both newbies to Wabash, joined us for another five-player game. The Erie is a small expansion. It’s […]

  • Thursday session: Age of Steam, Dominion, Le Truc

    It’s been too long from my last game of Age of Steam. Today I got some railroad action in the form of the Scotland scenario. So still no Secret Blueprints, unfortunately, but at least something! I played against Hannu, who has played one game of Age of Steam, about year ago. He was a bit […]

  • Bondtolva in the park

    Yesterday’s session was a disaster: Mari arrived at 16.20 or so, I arrived at 17.00 and Make arrived at 17.30 — none of us stayed long enough to meet each other. Way to go! However, today was much better. You see, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time outside in the Kaukajärvi parks with […]

  • Return to Scotland: 1825 Unit 3

    I organized another train game session at the local library. Once again, only Olli was able and willing to join me, so it was again time for 1825 Unit 3 (I know we could’ve played Unit 2 as well, but I thought having another go at Unit 3 was better). Our previous game is documented […]

  • Thursday session: Modern Art, Glory to Rome

    Yesterday’s games started with a three-player Modern Art with Petri and Hannu. This was our first game with the new Finnish edition. It’s gorgeous, and I’m glad to report it works well. Pretty much the only problem is the small size of the screens: they tip over and can’t cover a huge pile of money. […]

  • Thursday session: Thief of Baghdad, Strohmann-Tarock

    I arrived in a bad time this week: two games had just started. I sat watching and discussing playing cards with Hannu (he had bought a rather entertaining German pack of cards, it’s a reproduction of 19th century Saxony pack or something like that, very funny). It turned out their Arkadia was moving slowly, so […]