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  • Gaming Year 2010

    Gaming year 2009 wasn’t terrific, but 2010 was. By numbers alone, I played a lot more games than last year. However, the biggest reason 2010 will go down in history as a good board game year was Nooa. I played well over hundred games with Nooa — actually, I played with Nooa about as much […]

  • Sturgeon

    Sturgeon isn’t named after Sturgeon’s law (90% of everything is crud), but the name is appropriate. Actually, this small game from Minion Games and designer Russell Brown is about fish. Players try to get two sturgeons on their side of the lake, but that requires patience and careful build-up of fish. Overview of the rules […]

  • Card games from Minion Games

    Minion Games sent me some demo copies of their card games. Sturgeon is a fish-themed game, where players try to collect two sturgeons. To play sturgeons, you need to eat at least bass cards and to play bass cards, you need to eat two minnows. Minnows can be played straight to the table. You can […]