Card games from Minion Games

Sturgeon coverMinion Games sent me some demo copies of their card games. Sturgeon is a fish-themed game, where players try to collect two sturgeons. To play sturgeons, you need to eat at least bass cards and to play bass cards, you need to eat two minnows. Minnows can be played straight to the table. You can only play one fish per turn, so it takes some preparation to get a sturgeon on the table. However, you can let your fellow players help you by eating their fish. Simple!

Sturgeon sounds like a simple card game, with few bells and whistles. Might be fun, if the game just plays quick enough. The art is a bit muddy, it’s all blue and looks very similar, and the game seems maybe a tad too simple to retain interest… Well, I’ll just have to try it.

Nile cover

Nile has an Egyptian theme. It’s a set-collecting game, where players plant fields to harvest cards. There’s some trading with the game and offerings to god Hapi to get good flooding. It sounds interesting — more interesting than Sturgeon — and looks really good. However, I can’t really get a good idea of how it works based on the rules — so I suppose I must give it a go. But the game looks pretty good, much better than Sturgeon.

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  1. I must admit that I am interested to see how Sturgeon plays out. If the game play is simple enough it would be something I could take with us to play with my in-laws, as well as with my kids.