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  • Thursday session: Golden Compass, Halli Galli Extreme

    After clobbering Hannu in Sunda to Sahul, it was time for Golden Compass. We had full table, four players, and off we went, on our trip to the other universe. The card playing mechanism was definitely more interesting with four players: you really had to think a bit when choosing which cards to take. However, […]

  • Board game club session: Killdog, Amazonas, Sunda to Sahul

    Yesterday’s board game club session was quite splendid. I got to play several interesting games. It was also great to see Robert, now back from a few month trip to Singapore. Don kicked off the session. Even though Don has pretty neat chips in itself, I instantly replaced them with my spanking new poker chips […]

  • Games of 2003

    Here it is — the fabled games of 2003 overview (see the 2002 report). Enjoy. As it turned out, I played some games after I had posted this on mailing lists, but fortunately the data is still correct… It’s always interesting to make this list, though it’s also quite annoying to try to select a […]

  • Lahti Board Game Weekend, Saturday

    After less-than-well slept night (maybe the real-size Space Marine helmets I slept next to haunted my sleep?) it was a new day and new games. The breakfast — eggs, bacon, french fries — was sturdy and sure to clog arteries. That’s just nice. The first game of the morning was a classic — Dragon’s Gold. […]

  • Don Bone interview

    Terminal City Gamers have posted an interesting interview of Don Bone, the designer of Sunda to Sahul, on their web site.

  • Time Control

    I’ve written a Finnish review of Time Control. For you English-reading folks, here’s what I wrote in my BoardGameGeek review: I got a review copy of Time Control and I was really looking forward to play it. The concept sounds great: time travel is an exciting theme and I like real time games. Sunda to […]

  • King Lui, Sunda to Sahul

    I’ve written reviews of King Lui and Sunda to Sahul in Finnish. I also redesigned the games front page. But that’s all in Finnish. You English-reading users can read reviews of King Lui and Sunda to Sahul I wrote for BoardGameGeek. I also wrote a review of Battle Line, mostly because I wanted to reach […]

  • Sunda to Sahul success

    I got the results of the previous board game club meeting last weekend (which I missed), and I’m happy to see the success of Sunda to Sahul. I borrowed the game, because Ilari asked and they played six games of it. Neat! It’s now the second most played game in our board game club this […]

  • Board game club: Sunda to Sahul, Löwenherz, Union Pacific

    We had another pleasant meeting of the Board game club last Sunday. A typical crowd of about 15-20 people visited during the several hours of gaming. At the best we had three games played simultaneously. As expected, I played Sunda to Sahul — five games, actually. Four of those games were played in a row […]

  • More Sunda to Sahul, Bakari

    I’ve added some pictures of Sunda to Sahul and Bakari I took Friday. As usual, the captions are in Finnish but there aren’t even many.