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  • Weekend games: Sunda to Sahul, Sticheln, Bakari

    I had a nice weekend, when it comes to games. First game I played Friday was an old favourite, Battle Line. It’s always a blast, and I actually managed to win half of the six games I played during the weekend. But that wasn’t the main attraction. I desperately wanted to play Sunda to Sahul. […]

  • Café Games: Sunda to Sahul, Sticheln

    I’ve been quite anxious to play Sunda to Sahul lately and finally, after one canceled attempt last week, I was able. After finishing the morning session of Der Wahnvorstellung, I met Ville and Laura at the Klubi, which has became the standard location for these spontaneous game meetings. So, we started with Sunda. Ville came […]

  • Sunda to Sahul pictures

    I took some pictures of Sunda to Sahul, they are available at my photo site. If you haven’t seen the game, go take a look because it’s pretty! No doubt it’s the best self-published game I’ve ever seen. Though, I noticed the scoring board had warped quite badly in a short time. That’s a minor […]

  • Rest of the gaming weekend

    The previous entry covers the games of Friday. This one tells the tale from Saturday to Sunday. It’s a long story, but hopefully of interest at least to someone. Last Saturday was a full day of gaming. I woke up at about ten am and started the morning working on some Go problems. Then, after […]

  • Sunda to Sahul arrived

    I picked up the Sunda to Sahul from the post office the first thing today. I just opened the box and I must say I’m impressed! Neat little box (about the size of A4, perhaps 5 cm high) and talk about nice bits! Game consists mostly of about 100 or so jigsaw pieces, and they […]

  • Sunda to Sahul

    A guy called Don Bone was looking for playtesters for his new game Sunda to Sahul on the Spielfrieks list. I got interested without even checking the web site — come on, he was offering me a free board game! Now I’ve actually studied the game a bit from the web site, browsed through the […]