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  • Board game club: Leonardo da Vinci, Taj Mahal

    Yesterday’s board game club started with a game of Leonardo da Vinci. This one’s published in Finnish by Lautapelit.fi. Bit of a strange decision, it being such a gamer’s game, but I suppose Puerto Rico has sold well enough. It’s an optimization game, basically. Players use workers to gather resources and convert them into inventions. […]

  • Havoc: The Hundred Years War

    Here’s a review some of my readers have been waiting for: Havoc: The Hundred Years War. That’s the Finnish review, here’s my opinion in English: I first played Havoc: The Hundred Years War at the Sunriver Games demo table in Essen 2005. It was on my list of games to check out and I enjoyed […]

  • Taj Mahal

    Isn’t it funny, when Brian Bankler describes what he sees as the fundamental flaw in Taj Mahal in his article Worst Poker variant ever, he actually describes the very thing I find so attractive in the game? It’s exactly the mechanic where you lose the cards, whether you win the pot or not that makes […]

  • Lahti games weekend, Saturday and Sunday

    After a badly slept night a new morning dawned. While waiting for the breakfast, I played a game of 6 Nimmt!. We played it differently, using (almost) the Terminal City Gamers variant. Instead of several rounds, we played just two, without shuffling the deck or the cards on the table between them. It was a […]

  • Need for games

    I don’t really want new games right now. I’m somewhat unaware of the new Nürnberg titles — I know names, but little else. I know I want San Juan (and I have already made plans to get it without paying) and Hansa certainly seems to combine many positive aspects in one game, but that’s it. […]

  • FinDipCon pictures

    FinDipCon pictures are finally available! There’s the event pictures to start with. I also took lots of game photos: Acquire, Capitol, Fabrik der Träume, FlowerPower, Go, Members Only, New England, Ohne Furcht und Adel, Royal Turf, Samurai and Taj Mahal. As usual, the captions are in Finnish but the pictures speak the international language of […]

  • FinDipCon V: Friday

    I’m back from FinDipCon! It was a splendid weekend of games, even though I’m getting a bit tired of con environment. I guess I just appreciate good food and good sleep too much… Eating too little and randomly and not sleeping well (I slept a grand total of about 12 hours of mediocre sleep during […]

  • Rest of the gaming weekend

    The previous entry covers the games of Friday. This one tells the tale from Saturday to Sunday. It’s a long story, but hopefully of interest at least to someone. Last Saturday was a full day of gaming. I woke up at about ten am and started the morning working on some Go problems. Then, after […]

  • Games from last Friday

    Last weekend I visited my good friend Tommy and we had a great weekend full of fun and games. I’m going to write session reports about the whole weekend, a day at a time because they’re going to be a bit longer — lots of new games, you see. I’ll start with Friday. I came […]