Need for games

I don’t really want new games right now. I’m somewhat unaware of the new Nürnberg titles — I know names, but little else. I know I want San Juan (and I have already made plans to get it without paying) and Hansa certainly seems to combine many positive aspects in one game, but that’s it.

And guess what — I’m quite happy about it. I wouldn’t have the money to buy games (my summer income is still a bit undecided and even if I’ll get a job, there’s a wedding to pay — yes, I’m getting married!) so it’s much better to not want stuff… Besides, I’m starting to feel I own too many games, as many good games are left unplayed for long periods.

Also, I don’t feel the need to get all the classics, like I used to feel. I don’t think I need to own games like Samurai or Taj Mahal or Ra — these days, I get enough chances to play good games I don’t own as many more people have games. I’m not the sole provider anymore and I’m rather glad about it.

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3 responses to “Need for games”

  1. I am feeling the same way you do about the new games. It has to be exceptional before I’ll want to buy it.
    Congratulations on the engagement!

  2. I usually buy most of my games at Essen these days, and occasionally buy a game or two throughout the rest of the year. It takes me about a year to play the Essen games several times anyway. New releases in February/March… that is way too early for me.
    And congratulations!

  3. Congratulations on the engagement. I guess the question is what appropriately-themed games to play in the week before the big day?
    I remember asking this in the past on and I don’t recall much but the Game of Life being suggested! San Juan, PR expansion, Citadelles and many others have chapels, I suppose.
    Best wishes,