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  • Finnish Game of the Year winners 2007

    Last year was a disaster, now things look much better! The Finnish Adult Game of the Year for 2007 is Thurn und Taxis, the Finnish Family Game of the Year is Ubongo and the Finnish Kids Game of the Year is Piikkisiili. The list of finalists was very impressive, too, but I think they chose […]

  • Gaming year 2006

    Once again the year is over and it’s time for the year-end report. Here’s 2005 for comparison… Good games published in 2006 Age of Steam: London and Sun, 1830’s Pennsylvania and Northern California — I’ve played one map from each of the Bézier expansions, and loved both. Interesting new concepts, excellent production quality — great […]

  • BookMooch

    This is off-topic, but interesting enough. Reading is one of my passions outside board games. My tastes can be a bit difficult: many of the books I’d like to read are not translated (or are translated with quite a delay) and the availability of English books in libraries is pretty weak here. Buying all the […]

  • Hot games for Q2/2006

    Here’s a list of hottest games for the second quarter of 2006 for me. This is based on number of plays, my enjoyment of the game and the novelty value, so new games tend to show up higher on the list. You can also check the previous quarter, with completely different games. Thurn und Taxis […]

  • Math trades and Spiel des Jahres

    I’ve been rather excited with the concept of math trades. There’s loads of math trade activity in the Geek, just check the trade forum (the math trade guide is good if you don’t know what this is all about). I haven’t been involved in those, as it doesn’t make sense from Finland and I’ve yet […]

  • Thurn und Taxis

    Review of Thurn und Taxis in Finnish. Thurn und Taxis is the latest game from Andreas Seyfarth (and his wife Karen) of Puerto Rico fame. It’s not a heavy gamer game, but more directed to the Spiel des Jahres audiences. As the game is named after the post empire family Thurn und Taxis, players are […]

  • Some Thurn und Taxis thoughts

    Played some Thurn und Taxis at BSW. This time I was focused on the wagon-growing strategy, where you build five routes: three, four, five, six and seven cities. That way you’ll end the game (hopefully) faster than your opponents and will score plenty. Based on my experiments, I’d say it works. It’s not a guaranteed […]

  • Thurn und Taxis at BSW, again

    After beating Markku from Board Game Society (JoeLamer at BSW, he’s very active in EnglishTown so you might’ve met him) four times in Thurn und Taxis today, I’m starting to think it’s really a pretty good game… Really, to be honest, it’s a good game. It kind of fits in the same group with Web […]

  • Game weekend at Tommy’s, day one

    We’re having another game weekend at Tommy’s. Tommy prepared for the weekend by buying some of the more interesting Nürnburg games, so we’ve had plenty of interesting games to try. Friday was an effective evening of games, from 18:30 to 1:30, with some interference from sauna and eating. Yesterday’s line-up was me, Tommy and Ari […]