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  • Games of 2003

    Here it is — the fabled games of 2003 overview (see the 2002 report). Enjoy. As it turned out, I played some games after I had posted this on mailing lists, but fortunately the data is still correct… It’s always interesting to make this list, though it’s also quite annoying to try to select a […]

  • Balloon Cup, Time Control, Confrontation

    I took some pictures. My photo gallery now has new pictures of Balloon Cup, Time Control and Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation.

  • Time Control

    I’ve written a Finnish review of Time Control. For you English-reading folks, here’s what I wrote in my BoardGameGeek review: I got a review copy of Time Control and I was really looking forward to play it. The concept sounds great: time travel is an exciting theme and I like real time games. Sunda to […]

  • Wednesday games, part 6: Time Control, Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation

    This time we had a much smaller attendance. I arrived at 11.30 am and met Erkka, who had also just arrived. Fortunately I had planned to play two-player games! We started with Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation. We played two games, and both of us won one game. We both won with the good […]

  • Time Control

    I got a copy of Time Control by Thompson Industries. Looks nice, except the tokens, which are very flimsy and thin. And the rulebook, which is plain (and needs errata desperately, I hear — fortunately there’s a new rulebook available at the Geek). But I’m ready to forgive the quality of the components if the […]