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  • Tom Tube, Saint Petersburg

    I wrote some new reviews. The St. Petersburg review has been up for a week, while the Tom Tube review went just up. Both are in Finnish. You’ve heard me rave about St. Petersburg quite enough, and I’ll continue that whenever I happen to play the game. In the other hand, Tom Tube is perhaps […]

  • A two-player game session

    My brother came by and, of course, we played some games. The first game we played was Memoir ’44. We took the Operation Lüttich scenario; I was the allies, he was the axis. I lost 4-2, as his elite panzers managed to secure the village Axis needed to get and then killed three of my […]

  • Board Game Club: Finstere Flure, Pirate’s Cove, Wo ist Jack the Ripper

    The University club met for the first time this year on Sunday. The attendance was pretty good (I think there were 16 of us, we had three tables most of the time) and the session was very pleasant in general. The first game I played was Finstere Flure, which made it’s debut now. We had […]

  • Kronberger games

    I got Tom Tube and Bonobo Beach today. I know Tom Tube to be an excellent game (I’ve played it before) and Bonobo Beach at least looks interesting, despite what people have said about it. I also did a Finnish translation of Tom Tube (and will do Bonobo Beach/Cronberg). Those should be available at the […]

  • HelCon II — Sunday

    Sunday began with a game of Tom Tube against Ville, who hadn’t played before. I won the game with a single point — it was very exciting and close match. I like the game, definitely. During that game, more people arrived and Mikko K. joined us. I wanted to try Flaschenteufel (one of the Essen […]

  • HelCon II — Friday

    I started the HelCon II experience on Friday. The event began Saturday, but I since I was coming from a longer distance, arriving on Friday was a good idea so I could meet Tommy and Laura sooner. Evening was well spent at the Ryytty residence, filled with games, food, sauna and idle chatter. They had […]

  • The Games Journal

    A new issue of The Games Journal is out. The articles didn’t impress me much, but this time the game reviews were the best part of the journal. I like the two-person dialogue of the Hellas review, it’s something I could try myself, too. Mitchell Thomashow’s review of Tom Tube has some quite interesting pondering […]