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  • Top Speed

    I wrote a review of Top Speed (in Finnish). Here’s what I wrote in Boardgamegeek: Top Speed is a brilliant little game. It’s somewhat of a sequel to Staupe’s earlier Speed, which I haven’t played. Can’t say which one is faster, but at least Top Speed is really fast. The concept is simple. Players have […]

  • HelCon II — Saturday

    Saturday was the first day of HelCon II. We got up early, packed the car and headed towards the location. Which was quite nice, really! For once the space was open and had windows and even the bathrooms were quite clean. Of course, there was the limitation that all gaming must end before the alarm […]

  • HelCon II — Friday

    I started the HelCon II experience on Friday. The event began Saturday, but I since I was coming from a longer distance, arriving on Friday was a good idea so I could meet Tommy and Laura sooner. Evening was well spent at the Ryytty residence, filled with games, food, sauna and idle chatter. They had […]