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  • Rat Hot

    Rat Hot reviewed in Finnish. Rat Hot is a small two-player tile-laying game from Michael Schacht. It was previously web-published as Dschunke: das Legespiel, but this edition is from Queen Games and Rio Grande Games. The game is about merchants storing goods in a storage; they try to pack similar goods together for easy access. […]

  • Battles in the east

    I met Olli for a session of Memoir ’44. We ended up exploring the Eastern Front expansion. Both scenarios we played — Gates of Moscow and Breakout to Lisyanka — were excellent. Add the excellent Suomussalmi scenario to that and the expansion pack starts to feel like a pretty good purchase. The scenarios are great. […]

  • Small two-player session

    My games with Olli continued on Friday. We started with Kahuna — it was the final test. Olli lost big time; he got the first scoring, but then my defensive island network made it quite clear there was no way he could beat me. Final score was 6-1. Not good. He didn’t like the game, […]

  • Kahuna

    Review of Kahuna in Finnish. Kahuna is a game that has bugged and frustrated me. I’ve found it hard to form my opinion of it, but now it’s clear: I want to like it, but I can’t. The game is about building magic bridges between the islands in an archipelago. Whenever a player has the […]

  • War, trading and hot rats

    I met Olli for the first proper game session after Nooa’s (that’s the name of our boy) birth. It was fun, to have a small break from baby care and maintenance. We started off with Memoir ’44, since that was high on Olli’s list. He had played Battle Cry before, so rules explanations were minimal. […]

  • Blue Moon

    Olli M. was interested in playing two-player games during the summer. Since our baby likes to keep us waiting, I had plenty of time to meet Olli for games. We played a hefty session of Blue Moon. In two and half hours we managed to play eight matches, so both of us could play through […]

  • Fjords

    Here’s a review of Fjords in Finnish. Fjords (or Fjorde) is a nice little two-player game about the vikings — however, this time the vikings are not burning and pillaging, they are farming and exploring! The game is divided in two phases. First players lay tiles to build a map and place farms on the […]

  • Two-player session with Confrontations, Fjords and a Blue Moon

    I met Ilari yesterday for some games. The main attraction was the brand new Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation Deluxe. Ilari, a big fan of the original game, was eager to try the new characters. We played two double matches. In first we used variant characters but no special cards, in second we took […]

  • Multiplayer games for two

    Iain asked me about other multiplayer games that work with two (other than Caylus, that is). Well, here’s a small list: First of all there are few games with modular boards that scale really well. Samurai is the king of scalable games, as it works really well with two, three or four. Some might actually […]

  • Amazing game of Caylus

    Manu was picking up his games for the German order and had time for a game, so we played Caylus, since he’s getting it in the order and hadn’t played it yet. It was just the two of us, but as we all know, Caylus is a particularly excellent two-player game. The game was superb! […]