Battles in the east

I met Olli for a session of Memoir ’44. We ended up exploring the Eastern Front expansion.

Both scenarios we played — Gates of Moscow and Breakout to Lisyanka — were excellent. Add the excellent Suomussalmi scenario to that and the expansion pack starts to feel like a pretty good purchase. The scenarios are great.

I played Axis on both and also lost both. Too bad. I almost made it to Moscow, but failed in the end. I also almost made it Lisyanka. The goal for Germans is to make it across the map over a frozen river, and I got three units very close to the river. If two of them had made it, I would’ve won. All were slaughtered before they made it to the river.

Anyway, both scenarios could’ve gone my way as well. Particularly the first, where I had the advantage from Blitz rules and Russian command rules. Next time I’ll show them…

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