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  • Gaming year 2007

    Another year of games is soon over. Gaming year 2006 was good, but I think this one was even better! At least in quality, not necessarily in quantity… Good new games (2006-2007 games) Agricola — This year brought two very good games, worthy of top-10 or even top-5 spot on my personal ratings. Agricola is […]

  • Thursday session: Tarot, Ubongo

    Yesterday’s session started with a quick round of Larry Levy’s WYSIWYG. It’s an advanced version of German Whist, a trick-taking game for two players. Players bid for the right to become a declarer and choose trumps. In the first phase players collect new cards to fill their hands with (two cards are shown, winner of […]

  • Thursday session: Hart an der Grenze, Funny Fishing, cards

    The second Thursday session drew six players, then two latecomers. We could use more, but this was certainly enough to get games going. It was nice to see some new faces. We warmed up with a quick round of Ubongo Mini, which is indeed a rather good for that purpose. My dear friends at Marektoy […]

  • First Thursday session: Ubongo Mini, cards

    I’ve started a new weekly game night. My wife wants me to see other people than her and Nooa, basically. That’s perfectly fine with me! Our first night had a good turnout of seven people, so we got two games going. The other table played Web of Power, Geschenkt and Phoenicia, while our table played […]