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  • Unlock! Legendary Adventures

    Unlock! Legendary Adventures

    Another Unlock! box arrived from the library. This one has three adventures loosely themed with legends. Action Story starts with a chase scene where the players must reach a fleeing criminal. The mood takes a swift turn soon. This is the easiest adventure in the box and relatively straightforward to solve, but it’s fun for […]

  • Unlock! Game Adventures

    Unlock! Game Adventures

    I was two Unlock! games behind. Fortunately, both of the sets are available in the local library. The first one to arrive was the later one; this one had fewer reservations. Unlock! Game Adventures uses other Asmodee titles as source material. There are scenarios for Ticket to Ride, Mysterium and Pandemic. It’s a pretty good […]

  • Top 10: 2017 games in 2022

    Looking back to the 2017 games five years later, it was a decent year. I’ve played about 50 games from 2017, and while the list includes some junk, there are several games I still own and play regularly. That’s something! My top 10: 10. Bärenpark / Azul. A tie between two decent tile-laying games. I’ve […]

  • Unlock! Star Wars

    Unlock! Star Wars Escape Game by Cyril Demaegd and Jay Little, published by Space Cowboys in 2020. I received a review copy from Asmodee Nordics. Elevator pitch: Three Unlock! escape room puzzle scenarios set in the Star Wars universe. What’s in the box? This is a typical Unlock! three scenario box: there’s three decks of […]

  • Gaming Year 2018

    2018 was the year of the two-player card game. Look at my top three played games: Magic: the Gathering, KeyForge and Shards of Infinity, all with more than fifty plays. When I look at my lists, it feels like I mostly played new games this year. I managed to do that in moderation, though: we’re […]

  • Gaming Year 2017

    In 2016 I tried 133 new games. That, I felt, was too much, and in 2017, a move was made to correct that. 17% of my plays were spent trying new games, and it felt too much. In 2017, I tried just 67 new games. The total number of plays was also slightly reduced, mostly […]