Unlock! Legendary Adventures

Unlock! Legendary Adventures

Another Unlock! box arrived from the library. This one has three adventures loosely themed with legends.

Action Story starts with a chase scene where the players must reach a fleeing criminal. The mood takes a swift turn soon. This is the easiest adventure in the box and relatively straightforward to solve, but it’s fun for something that easy. The easiest scenarios aren’t always entertaining; this one was.

Robin Hood: Dead or Alive is the best adventure in the box. It has clever puzzles, fun things to do with the app and some story. It also had a weird puzzle that relies on French folk knowledge that is totally unknown in Finland – looking at the solution was a proper “what?” moment. Despite that, this was a good adventure.

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Burnt Angels prompted high expectations, as the earlier The Scarlet Thread of Murder was such a good adventure. This was more frustrating. Some puzzles required Holmes-like thinking, and some of the hidden number puzzles in this adventure were just too vague. Overall, there was a lot to do, and this wasn’t a bad adventure.

Overall, this was a good box of adventures. Had the Sherlock Holmes case been better, I would’ve ranked this among the very best Unlock! boxes. It’s still a very good one.

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