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  • Thursday session: Airships, Dolmengötter, Vegas Showdown

    We were planning to play cards this time to celebrate my book, which was finally released last Friday. Well, that didn’t happen, thanks to rather diminished number of players (four), including one particular person who doesn’t fancy traditional card games. So, card games were restricted to Flix Mix. So, we started with Airships (aka Giganten […]

  • Thursday session: Dolmengötter, Vegas Showdown, Tarot

    Die Dolmengötter is an ugly game. The theme is also silly: the game is abstract as heck, and while I understand that theming it must’ve been a real struggle, one wonders if this is a game that should simply be an abstract without any attempt at theme. Thomas Odenhoven’s other game, Portobello Market, works better […]

  • New game buzz

    I bought some new games. Through the Ages was a must-buy after I played it with Tommy last year. I picked my copy of the second edition yesterday. A lot has been said about the production values of the new edition. I have little to add, except that it isn’t that bad and it sure […]