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  • Thursday session: Shogun, Dolmengötter

    Yesterday’s game session was mostly about Shogun, the Dirk Henn game of warring Japanese daimyos in the 16th century. It’s a redevelopment of Wallenstein, which I’ve played once as play-by-web (and I didn’t like it). Now most complex games are better learnt by the board, so I was willing to give Shogun a go. Shogun […]

  • Month of Wallenstein

    Our game of Wallenstein ended after about a month of play. I came third. Winner was, unsurprisingly, the only player who had played before. My placing was pretty good, considering I didn’t really understand the game (for example, I had no clue of the scoring). It was ok, but I don’t think I’ll play the […]

  • SpielByWeb Wallenstein

    We started a game of Wallenstein at SpielByWeb. Iain said it’s good, I’ve been interested in the game and somebody suggested starting a game at Pelilista, so why not! So far the implementation looks well done. I haven’t really figured out the game, but it’s a practise round… If you’re interested to see how I’m […]