SpielByWeb Wallenstein

We started a game of Wallenstein at SpielByWeb. Iain said it’s good, I’ve been interested in the game and somebody suggested starting a game at Pelilista, so why not!

So far the implementation looks well done. I haven’t really figured out the game, but it’s a practise round… If you’re interested to see how I’m doing, our game is called Gustavus.

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3 responses to “SpielByWeb Wallenstein”

  1. Mikko, I’d be very interested to hear more about your Wallenstein playbyweb game after you’re all done.
    My co-workers are tired of Diplomacy, a couple people took the game too seriously and it’s just taking up too much of our time at work.
    Wallenstein is one of only 6? games that I have reated a perfect 10 on BGG (out of something like 120 I’ve rated) — I’d love to switch my co-workers over to Wallenstein instead of Diplomacy.

  2. Go check it out at the SpielByWeb site. It works well… I think you should be able to play it pretty fast, too. It’s very good system, it utilises simultaneous action selection well.